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What can you bring to the table?

11 July 2008

A project to create five chairs where each component was designed in isolation without any knowledge of what the other parts would be like. The picture below is the home page of the project site.


yatzer – Designtoshare

27 June 2008

“Vespertilium” clothes pegs

26 June 2008

… and more Czech design here.


26 June 2008

“…Unconditional sensation of freedom, energy and spirituality.”
Click image for more…


Techno Stilettos

26 June 2008

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The Sneeze

19 June 2008

From a could-be-affiliate site called Bent Objects.

Air jelly

19 June 2008

It floats in air like a jelly fish swims in water! Description in german at Check out Aqua jelly at same site.


Wearable art

19 June 2008

By Kathleen Dustin. Click on image for more…

Universal connections

17 June 2008

…for the non-dialling generation, it’s a trip into the past – for those born earlier, it’s a trip down memory lane…

The complete collection set here

Our Biggest Fan

16 June 2008

…from ADDI.