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The Box Man

24 August 2008

In a dark city, a man encounters a cardboard box. The box has a small rectangular slit that compels him to take a closer look inside. Stop-motion animation explores the anxiety of being seen, inspired by Kobo Abe’s 1974 novel, where a man decides to give up the self that he has been all his life to attain a state of blissful anonymity. He leaves his world behind and moves onto the streets of Tokyo. He puts a large box over his head, cuts a hole for his eyes.


Science Machine

18 June 2008

“The video is a condensed time lapse of screenshots over a several month period. Total physical drawing time is close to 40 hours and I’d add an equal amount of time for concept time and readying the print. A screenshot was taken every 5 seconds, which actually results in a full 18 minute video, but I shrunk it into a video under 7 minutes for entertainment’s sake.” Chad Pugh

Antony and the Johnsons – Mysteries of Love and The Lake

18 June 2008

Click images to play animated videos from the World of Adam.

mysteries of love

the lake


16 June 2008

Vector park

16 June 2008

Explore the games and animations of Vectorpark. Includes Feed the Head below.

Animated GIFs

16 June 2008

…huge collection is here


16 June 2008

…is here!


16 June 2008

…is here

Flash art

16 June 2008

Nicely organized flash art items in, a flash of the entry page is shown above. Some of these, and other stuff, are listed in this and that page of Miltos Manetas site. Visit the site and don’t miss Thank you Andy Warhol

…and Spend some time on this one!