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The Box Man

24 August 2008

In a dark city, a man encounters a cardboard box. The box has a small rectangular slit that compels him to take a closer look inside. Stop-motion animation explores the anxiety of being seen, inspired by Kobo Abe’s 1974 novel, where a man decides to give up the self that he has been all his life to attain a state of blissful anonymity. He leaves his world behind and moves onto the streets of Tokyo. He puts a large box over his head, cuts a hole for his eyes.


Stuck in the wrong job?

26 June 2008

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Creepy eyes

26 June 2008

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creepy eyes

Voynich manuscript

24 June 2008

The Voynich manuscript is a mysterious illustrated book written in an indecipherable text. It is thought to have been written between approximately 1450 and 1520. The author, script and language of the manuscript remain unknown. Many images at flickr.

Seeding urban landscapes

13 June 2008

[from electro^plangton ]


The Bloom device is meant to be a subversive and inspirational tool for our concrete jungles. Similar to the tuft of a dandelion as the wind carries the seedling, we propose a way of dispersing seedlings with bubbles and bicycling. Seeds are co-mingled with a bubble mixture and upon pedaling to your destination , you release the floating seeds which land in cracks and crevices throughout the city streets. Over time, the seeds grow into flowers and plants to create a green “fringe” to our sidewalks and streets.