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Body Technology Interfaces

25 August 2008

“…Participatory installations that aim to bring critical awareness and consideration to the complex relationship between people and their technological artifacts.”


Leigh Under a Skylight

11 July 2008

Performance artist and transvestite Leigh Bowery (1961-1994) was one of Freud’s favourite models. In the photo below Leigh is posing for the 1994 “Leigh Under a Skylight”. Click image for more.

Leigh Under a Skylight

For the Love of God

1 July 2008

The skull is covered with 8,601 flawless diamonds and a £50 million price tag. In the picture, the maker Damien Hirst an the skull.

Go here and here for more.

diamond skull


26 June 2008

Techno Stilettos

26 June 2008

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Household bugs

26 June 2008

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Museum of unworkable devices

24 June 2008

The museum of unworkable devices is a celebration of fascinating devices that don’t work, like M. C. Escher‘s coloured perpetuum mobile Waterfall shown below.

Dance clock

24 June 2008

Live dance clock! Click image!

live clock

Giornale Nuovo

19 June 2008

An Accumulation of Inconsequential Notices

Weblog published between October 2002 and October 2007. Although now closed, its archives will be kept on-line until further notice.

“My Giornale Nuovo began some time before I’d heard of weblogs or on-line journals, as a heading I dreamt up for a tentative collection of notes that I’d begun typing into a Word document on my office PC..

Giornale is Italian for journal or diary (or newspaper) and nuovo simply means new. I meant that this was new when compared to the handwritten diaries I’d previously kept in a succession of notebooks. My use of Italian was not entirely pretentious, as I had spent a couple of years living and working in Rome, during which time I had picked up a smattering of the language. My few diary-style entries were interspersed with ideas for stories, essays, etc., and never amounted to more than a few pages in total.”

Wearable art

19 June 2008

By Kathleen Dustin. Click on image for more…