Giornale Nuovo

An Accumulation of Inconsequential Notices

Weblog published between October 2002 and October 2007. Although now closed, its archives will be kept on-line until further notice.

“My Giornale Nuovo began some time before I’d heard of weblogs or on-line journals, as a heading I dreamt up for a tentative collection of notes that I’d begun typing into a Word document on my office PC..

Giornale is Italian for journal or diary (or newspaper) and nuovo simply means new. I meant that this was new when compared to the handwritten diaries I’d previously kept in a succession of notebooks. My use of Italian was not entirely pretentious, as I had spent a couple of years living and working in Rome, during which time I had picked up a smattering of the language. My few diary-style entries were interspersed with ideas for stories, essays, etc., and never amounted to more than a few pages in total.”


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