A theremin is unique among musical instruments in that it is performed without being touched by the operator. It was invented by Russian inventor Léon Theremin. To play, the player moves his hands around the antennas, controlling frequency (pitch) and amplitude (volume). The theremin is associated with “alien”, surreal, and eerie-sounding portamento, glissando, tremolo, and vibrato sounds, which led to its use in soundtracks such as Spellbound, The Lost Weekend, and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Clara Rockmore (shown in the video above) is generally considered to be the most accomplished performer ever of the theremin electronic musical instrument.

Armen Ra (pictured on the left) is chief among the contemporary thereminsts on this planet. An Armenian born in Iran with a musical family, everything Armen plays from Romantic masterpieces to Persian and Armenian classics is filled with nuance and passion. Armen designs every detail in his performance including his costumes and jewelry.

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